Dear Sis

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February is always the most joyous month of the year for our family! It’s your birthday and your precious nephew – Seth’s birthday & your sil (who loved you so much)’s birthday.

I’m sorry that I did not detect your mental state much earlier.. There were so many signals, yet, I was not alert enough to pick them up. I merely thought it was just a passing phase and going through some emotional yo-yo from childbirth. I though you were just tired from the lack of sleep. I’m really in pain to know that you were suffering in darkness all by yourself. When you asked me how to go about stopping breastfeeding for the xx time, I was still half frustrated and said “hey, you asked me for the umpteen times already!”  The day you told me you had no feelings for bb Jayden, I should have done something about it. But I did not…

I’m heartened to see how well liked you are and the long lasting friendship you had maintained with your primary school friends, secondary school friends and colleagues. While I gotten busy with my family that I don’t even go back to see Pa & Ma every week, I knew I need not worry much cos you are always around for them. We belong to the age before Facebook, Whatapps, Instagram, Snapchat were available. Those days, we sent letters and even mail greeting cards to friends. I’m amazed that you are such a hoarder and kept all those cards with you till now.  You really put your heart and soul in every relationship, be it family, friendship and marriage. You were so good with my kids.. and you know how your niece and nephews adore you. I knew they were secretly pleased when Jason and I went for holiday and you would be around to bring them out. I really should have noticed that you were different when it comes to bb Jayden.

You have been asking me to update my blog.. Busyness was the word I always say when it came to updating the blog. I did not expect that this next post would be a dedication to you. To my kids’ one and only Ah Yi, I never got to tell you just how important you were to me, although I know in my heart you knew it. I know it was silly of me to still leave a voicemail to tell you how much I love you only yesterday. It’s too late..  The usual family get together will never be the same again. It is still difficult for me to move on but I know I have to be strong for Pa & Ma.

Learn to appreciate the good times, because you never know when they will be your last good memories of some one.

Happy Birthday my dearest sis!

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  1. Can't begin to imagine your pain right now. It's a deeply complex illness and one which exacts pain and sadness on more than just the individual. It is not simple to acknowledge, identify or measure.

    In time we will all remember your sister for the fantastic human being we were lucky enough to meet.

  2. Happy Birthday to my dearest cousin Sherlyn. Missing you badly.

    And to my dearest cousin Celine.. hang in there. You are not alone..

    xoxo alicia

  3. Celine no one would expect you to see the signs. The illness is so difficult to detect as its hides among every emotion a new mother feels and is easily mistaken for the normal hormonal roller coaster of tiredness and the feeling of being overwhelmed.
    Words can't express my sorrow for your family but I hope knowing how well thought of Sherlyn was by people all over the world offers some comfort to you all at this difficult time xx

  4. Dear sis, i know that you and your sister were very close and that her passing will be very hard for you & your family. I'm sure that you are thankful for the many wonderful years you had together. Your sister was a very sweet lady. She always managed a beautiful smile even when I'm sure she was not feeling her best.
    I know this will be a hard time for you & family. We will be there for you to help you get through. I remember how hard it was when I lost my brother. I still think of him every day. The memories of him have grown stronger with each passing day and I trust the same will happen to you. Stay strong sis, we will keep you & your family in prayers.

    In sista love & friendship

  5. Dear Celine,
    We are sorry to hear about your sister's passing. Our condolences to you. May God be the comforter of the family and that His peace will be upon you all.
    From the Lims


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